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Tips and Tricks for a Safe Online Gambling Experience

Gambling has always been an integral part of the Indian culture, even in our epics and folklore like Mahabharata, various stories revolve around wagering. It is exciting, fun, adventurous, and if done right tremendously rewarding.

With a shift in technology, the good old game of board and dice has taken various forms. Online casinos in India offer so many games where you can bet and win a tremendous amount of money, cherry on the top from the comfort of your own home.

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FYI online gambling industry in India is worth 30 billion U.S. dollars each year and is only expected to grow. But if history has taught us anything, it’s this, that if we don’t practice caution while gambling, we are likely to lose everything. With the growth in online casinos and the gambling industry, it’s no surprise that illegal online casinos have started popping up. To keep yourself safe from being a victim to online frauds follow these tips for a harmless gambling experience.

Get your basics right

Before you consider browsing through various online sites, make sure your necessary precautions are all set. Ensure that your anti-virus software is in place and working smoothly. Back up your data on the cloud just to be safe. When you create an online account to play, be sure to set strong passwords and enable two-factor verification. To feel even safer, read more about the importance of VPN service for gambling games on VPNpro.

Only gamble in licensed online casinos

Don’t ever overlook licensing information. Unlicensed casinos are where various kind of frauds occur. It is crucial that you go through the license page thoroughly. Scan through and make sure that the license is valid and current before signing up. Most of the unlicensed casinos let you use your promotional bonuses, the problems start when you play with your own hard-earned money.

Check the terms and conditions page

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Remember that page which you generally hit accept without actually reading it? Yes, that, don’t ignore that page. Scrupulously go through that page. Sometimes even licensed online casinos, use deceitful ways to block the money of the player. To consider an example few online casinos prevent their users from cashing out more than ten times their deposit. So let’s say you have deposited 200 rupees and you manage to win 20,000 rupees, but you can effectively only cash out 2000 rupees. 

Beware of downloading any kind of software

Downloading software from unverified sources puts you in a vulnerable position. It’s prevalent practice for hackers to ask you to download software and hide worms and viruses inside. They can then have access to all your passwords, financial information, bank account details etc. We don’t need to tell you what happens next.

Look for the lock sign on the website address

Before you reveal any kind of financial information to the website, be sure that you have checked for the lock sign next to the URL. The symbol indicates the site uses secure sockets layer encryption. This basically protects all the information you enter on the website from people with mal intentions. 

Pick the payment gateway wisely

Make sure to choose your payment gateway wisely. Avoid using credit cards, because if in case of the information leaks, you stand to lose a massive amount of money. Use debit cards or net banking option of banks that have a reputation of helping their clients in case of fraud. Prefer using e-wallets with limited funds when dealing online. 

Playing online on casinos can be really amusing and electrifying experience, there are numerous games that you can play online, some require luck, some require strategy, and some require a little bit of both. Just follow the tips mentioned above to be fraud-proof and make the most of the online gaming industry.

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