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“No Man’s Sky” Desolation Update Adds Creepy Abandoned Freighters

It can be scary out there in the distant reaches of space. After all, there are so many lifeforms we know nothing about and technology beyond our wildest dreams. “No Man’s Sky” is reminding us exactly how terrifying those unknowns can be with their latest update called Desolation. In this update, players can explore the wreckage of derelict freighters throughout space.

Screenshot Credit: Hello Games

To start your journey, simply breach the airlock of a freighter to enter it and begin exploring its procedurally-generated interior. You can discover the fate of the lost crew by retrieving ship logs and personal effects. Each freighter has its own unique story for you to uncover. Additionally, you can extract upgrades from these freighters and utilize them on your own freighter. From improvements to the warp drive to new fleet upgrades, all of these upgrades will be available for you to claim. Best of all, any technology you find aboard a freighter will have the marks of that specific ship on it. So once you equip it to your ship, you will have a visual history of all of the freighters you have explored.

It won’t be easy uncovering these secrets though. Each derelict freighter is chock full of dangers. Lights are off, life support and gravity systems have gone offline, and security AI has gone berserk in the absence of a crew. Some dangerous items also may have spilled aboard the ship. If that’s not enough to contend with, some ships contain deadly infestations of sinister aliens. You’ll need your wits about you and plenty of firepower to tangle with these unwelcome guests.

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Nothing like obliterating rogue security bots (Screenshot Credit: Hello Games)

This update also brings a ton of quality of life improvements and additional features. For example, players can now discover anomaly detection beacons when mining asteroids. These single-use devices will discover nearby anomalous objects for you to discover. Combat mechanics have been improved and freighter inventory management can now be accessed directly from the inventory screen tabs.

You can check out all of the new additions with this update here.

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