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Novelty Sci-Fi Spaceship Keyrings Great for the Classy Nerd

If you love Star Wars, Star Trek, or Firefly you should definitely check out these cool novelty keyrings. They come in different ships like Star Wars: Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer; Star Trek: Enterprise, and Firefly’s Serenity. And each would be a nice addition to any keychain.


These are really nice and made of zinc metal. They are high quality and can be used as a personal item or would make a great gift. Especially if you know someone who is into the Star Wars, Star Trek or Firefly fandom.

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What I like about these is that they are subtle enough that you can accessorize without feeling like its too obtuse. If someone sees the ship and they know what its from then you have a new lifelong friend. If they notice but don’t say anything then no worries either.

You can tell by the image that the quality of the metal work is there. Even if it is a casting a lot went into making those molds and they are reflective of the craftsmanship that went into it. Any of these would be good to own and on the plus side you now have your favorite fandom on your keychain. If you want to get really creative you could also take it off the chain and make a rearview mirror accessory for the car. The possibilities are endless!

They are only going for about $7 and you can check out the listing by FlashPopUp on Etsy by clicking the link here.

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