Heinz is Offering Savory Ice Cream Kits for People Who Love Condiments

Heinz has got you covered for the summer heat. For those of you that don’t enjoy sweet ice cream there is now a savory version that you can make yourself! That is with the help of these new kits from Heinz.

They are offering flavors like Ketchup, Mayo, Salad, Saucy Sauce(??), and BBQ. Your guess is as good as mine on the “Saucy Sauce” flavor. Maybe thousand island?

Just last year they were putting out recipes for a DIY type of ice cream for Mayo and Ketchup but this year they’ve gone the extra step and made it even easier for us. What baffles me is how they could even think of leaving out Mustard! I mean if you’re going to do this go all the way with it.

Unfortunately these kits are only available in the UK for £15. But if you want to try your hand at making them you can find the full recipe on their product page.