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Forget About Mustard Ice Cream, Remember Ketchup and Mayo Ice Cream?

This year everyone is getting weirded out by Mustard Ice Cream, but does anyone remember last year when Ketchup Ice Cream was a thing? It started out with Ed Sheeran returning to his homeland of Ireland where he was greeted with an Ice Cream flavor dedicated to his favorite food. Ketchup

Gelati, an Ice Cream store in Ireland with two stores, one in Enniscrone and one in Ballina first started the trend. After that the world tried to one up the concoction by creating.. Mayo and Ketchup Ice Cream. Something else that should not exist.

They have a how to and for anyone who makes and tries this please send in a review to Nerdbot. We are completely curious if this actually works. One of the ways we have seen this enacted is they put it on top of french fries. It’s a weird alternative to dipping your fries in your chocolate shake, which is an actually acceptable way of eating fries.

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While researching this I came upon a blog of people who actually tried the ketchup and mayo ice cream on fries. They went to a Krisch’s Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor in New York and wrote all about it on

Image Credit: Tara Cox

Then I looked down at the fries that fell on the counter and realized I was doing this all wrong. This is not a polite snack to be eaten with utensils; it’s ice cream on top of French fries for Pete’s sake. I rolled up my proverbial sleeves and prepared to get my hands dirty.

Tara Cox

This was written almost exactly one year ago, June 27th 2018. And after this new mustard ice cream I fear what the next craze will be. Relish Ice Cream? Ranch Ice Cream? Blue Cheese Ice Cream? Whatever it is, I expect it to happen about a year from now, so let’s all count the days while we wait for something else to hit the internet with its flavored absurdity.

What is your favorite ice cream? Do people think it’s weird? Tell us in the comments!

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