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I Watched “Robocop” For the First Time This Week

So I know what you’re going to say. Why the heck did you wait until your 30’s to watch “Robocop”? Well it just never was something I was that interested in. And when you have kids and have to schedule your TV and movie viewing around when they’re asleep your options are limited. Plus by that time you’re probably tired yourself, it’s a whole thing. But let’s not get into that now.

Peter Weller as “Robocop,” photo courtesy of Orion Pictures

My husband and I were listening to a podcast in the car when he started telling me all about how there’s this connection to “Robocop” and Jesus. Now I’m not one to watch religious movies or things of that nature, not really my bag. But I do like movies where stuff blows up and according to him this would be great. So we planned to have a date night where we would just watch the old DVD he had. Also when I say old DVD I mean, laserdisc menus old.

1 of 1,141

We were watching the beginning when that epic meeting happens where they showcase ED-209. First of all let’s just say that’s what really made me smitten with this movie. My favorite part was probably when the guy gets shot at. Then knowing that they tried to take that scene out and it was the cause of a rating of X when it first debuted was fun to hear. I couldn’t imagine the movie without that scene. And keeping it out would have made it much more scary because then you are left to your imagination.

So proud of ED-209. Look at those stupid faces. Screenshot.

I don’t want to tell you the whole plot but if you want to use this article to convince your significant other that they should watch it I will give you some good points.


Robocop” has a likable story and a good background so that you actually feel a little bad for Peter Weller. He’s a robot with feelings, and his cognitive thought is interesting to watch develop after he becomes Robocop.

It’s silly enough in the fight scenes that you can actually get behind the action. Especially at the end when they confront the baddies that killed Alex Murphy(Robocop).

You can’t predict what will happen which is fun because usually movies that have fight scenes are boring because I always guess not only the dialogue but what will happen next.

I wasn’t really sure the motivation or connection that Alex Murphy’s ex partner had to him considering they were only partners for a few hours before he dies(not a spoiler he becomes Robocop, you know it’s going to happen). But I did admire that she was such a big help to him throughout the film.

Kurtwood Smith has so much swagger in this that you will never see him the same way again. Seriously he plays bad so good you will want to date him. Maybe I have issues, IDK but the fact is he plays a killer character and you should watch the movie just because of him.

Freaking SWOON!

The interoffice workings of OCP was pretty fun to see, especially the bathroom scene where the two guys confront each other about their standing in the office.

None of the characters are people you feel bad for dying. Except Robocop but it happens so early on that it’s pretty much just a plot device and you get over it. I’m a crier and I didn’t cry, even when he has moments of flashbacks about his life before.

It’s short enough that you can watch it and be done with it. And it doesn’t feel long. It moves so well from one scene to the next you are never bored watching it. Big plus for people with ADD(like me).

No jump scares but lots of action. There are lots of scenes where the direction will shock you but in a good way.

In conclusion..

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that you definitely need to see this movie at least once in your life. I may actually be upgrading our DVD pretty soon because I want to see it full widescreen. Like I mentioned my DVD is old so it only showed on a portion of the screen. Also the extras were just text telling you about the movie in slideshow form. So yeah definitely want to upgrade that sucker. Now that I’m on board my husband has no excuse not to get the coveted steel book.

Have you seen “Robocop“? How long has it been? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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