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Look CVS Chic in This Fleece Receipt Scarf

Ever wanted to showcase your love of shopping? How about your love of finding a good deal? We all know that if you buy even a pack of gum at CVS and have a membership you will come out with a three foot receipt. But now you can actually get one to wear?! Count me in!


This would make a good gag gift to for someone you’re always finding receipts stuck in their car doors. Or if they are like me and it’s like a magician pulling scarfs every time they clean out their purse. I’m not proud that my purse ends up like that, but it happens. Especially when you don’t pull out your purse daily.

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The best part about it is that it’s actually made with comfortable fabric. It’s made with fleece so it’s good to keep you warm and it would make a great “extra scarf” for when your friend needs one. Especially if you live where it gets colder. It’s also double side printed so no matter how it flaps in the wind you will see the receipt printing in all its glory. They recommend you don’t bleach it but it is machine washable should you need to throw it in the laundry.

You can check out the listing on Amazon here. It’s definitely a great closet addition. You could technically even be a trashcan for Halloween with it with just a black bag, this and maybe a banana peel for a hat, but I’m just using my imagination.

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