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Events Related to Online Slots in 2020

There are usually many different events scheduled each year that either revolve around slots or that have slots included. From expos to tournaments and product launches, there is always something that a gaming lover – and particularly those who love slots – can go to and enjoy at

2020 has been somewhat different, of course. It hardly needs saying that the coronavirus pandemic has changed pretty much everything when it comes to events, with most being postponed until the autumn or winter (in the hopes that all will be well by then) or being cancelled altogether. 

Despite this, some events are still able to go ahead because much gaming can be done virtually. This means that virtual events are not only possible, but probably too. Here are some examples. 

Slot Tournaments

Most serious slot players (and plenty who do it just for fun) are going to be on the lookout for slot tournaments. The goods news is that most of these occur online anyway (and if they don’t, they can be moved online) so they are still able to go ahead. 

Online tournaments can even be arranged relatively quickly, meaning that for online casinos or developers who might not have considered hosting one before, they now can, boosting their income and giving their players something fun to do while we wait for this all to get back to whatever normal we are heading for. 

Just a quick search online will give you plenty of choice when it comes to tournaments for slot games. Pick one that suits your budget since there will be a set entry fee, and then join in. If you’re using money you would have used on slots anyway, you really have nothing to lose and potentially something to gain.

New Games

Not an event as such, although sometimes launches are arranged and very lucky people do get to go, but new games coming out is at least an event to look forward to in this strangest of years. New games are great because they are something to happily anticipate and they are also something to keep us occupied while we need to be at home, staying safe. 

Some of the new releases for 2020 include:

Keep Going!
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·         Pink Elephants 2

·         Secrets of the Temple

·         The Vault

·         Hot Cross Bunnies: Game Changer

·         All Win FC

·         Electric Avenue 

These all look like fun games and they are all different, offering something for everyone who is going to want to play. 

The Global Gaming Expo

The Global Gaming Expo is a ray of shining hope in this dark year of 2020. Although many events have indeed been cancelled, this particular expo takes place from 5th to 8th October in Las Vegas. It’s going to be depend on how things go, what travel restrictions might be in place, how well America (and the UK) are dealing with the pandemic by that time, but at the moment the organisers are keeping it all going ahead as planned. 

If you can make it, you’ll see lots of new ideas and exciting innovations for many different types of games, and slots will feature too because they are just too popular to leave out. Even if you can’t get there, if it does go ahead you should be able to get a lot of information and perhaps even a virtual tour online.

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