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Netflix Feature Lets Users Remove Things from Continue Watching [Finally]

The Continue Watching row is probably one of the most helpful features on Netflix, appearing at the top of the home screen. It lets you pick up right where you left off a movie or a TV show.

But it’s also annoying at times. Sometimes, you just decide a show is not worth it 15 minutes in. When that’s the case the title, doesn’t disappear from the row. It doesn’t really go away even when the new titles you watch push it further down. If you’re irritated by the messiness like me, then there’s some good news. We can now remove the titles we dropped from the row.

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You can do that by clicking the three dots under the desired title. A menu should pop up, which includes the option to remove that title from the row. Unless you choose to try watching the title again, it will vanish from your ‘continue watching’ list. The new feature also makes it easier to view episodes and info, download as well as rate directly from the menu.

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The new “Remove From Row” feature is currently only available to Android mobile users. iOS users will get it on June 29th.

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