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Twitch Being Sued for $25 Million in Damages Because of ‘Suggestive Women’

Twitch, who already has many rules in place for women about nudity and the kind of content they create, is being sued. A Twitch viewer from California has brought these charges against the company stating that they were exposed to “overly suggestive and sexual content from various female streamers.”

If you’re thinking this is crazy you’re not alone. This person has also sued the likes of Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Blizzard throughout the years. Court documents obtained by Dexerto, the plaintiff Erik Estavillo state that the plaintiff has many issues already including OCD, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia and Crohn’s Disease. He needs to get all his entertainment from the internet and he can’t help himself from watching Twitch. Which also exacerbates his Sex Addiction due to his Obsessive Compulsive disorder.

He’s named several streamers for having overly suggestive content and seeks damages because you can subscribe to them and then give them money through the stream. Welcome to the world of Twitch which is supposed to be a means for income for streamers who play games or do crafts…

Currently the plaintiff is following 786 female streamers and 0 male streamers so it makes it a bit hard to sympathize with his case. He’s calling for the female streamers he’s named to be banned immediately. Some of the streamers he’s citing are:

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1 of 1,285
  • Amouranth
  • Quqco
  • ST Peach
  • JadeTheJaguar
  • Pink_Sparkles
  • Valeria7K
  • DanielaAzuage_
  • lilchipmunk
  • iaaras2
  • theRaychul
  • KrystiPryde
  • SonjaShio
  • Gavrilka
  • MizzyRose
  • KayPikeFashion
  • Alinity
  • QTCinderella
  • Pokimane
  • Velvet_7
  • Loserfruit

It’s an interesting case to read through but I’m skeptical anything will come from it. Given his history of suing large companies like this they may just pay him a settlement to make it go away or fight it because they’re not in the wrong.

You can read the whole lawsuit here.

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