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Nerdbot Talks with Dylan Sprouse About his Comic “Sun Eater”

On this edition of Nerdbot Talks, Dade Elza chats with Dylan Sprouse about his brand-new comic book series “Sun Eater.”

Sure, you might remember Dylan best from his days as Zack Martin on the Disney Channel’s “Suite Life of Zack and Cody,” where he co-stared with his twin brother Cole Sprouse (Jughead Jones on The CW’s “Riverdale“), but he’s venturing into the world of funny pages with “Sun Eater.”

He is also the co-founder of New York’s All-Wise Meadery. Mmm. Mead.

About “Sun Eater”:

Sun Eater is a nine-issue saga that takes place in ninth century Norway, where a drug-addled warrior sacrifices his leg to the Gods.  In return he is fused with a parasitic beast, giving him the power to rescue his son from his sworn enemies—history’s first Norwegian king and his five personal guards. The result is a grim and bloody adventure—a dark metaphor for drug addiction, selfishness, and the children it affects. Heavy Metal and DiGa Studios will be releasing the series later this year.

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“I love fantasy-action and I wanted to create something that would appeal to newer fans of the genre while tackling an elevated story,” said Sprouse. “The characters I wrote are from actual tales and bardic songs, and the story is about the adult, dark, grotesque, and somber world of Sun Eater and its desperate, faulty protagonist. While I have been actively writing Sun Eater for years, the culmination of the content rings especially true for me now, at this stage of my life.”

In this episode, you’ll see just how delightfully adorable Dylan is, and how he saves a bee TWICE!

You can pre-order “Sun Eater” on Heavy Metal’s website now, along with a super special set including the full run of comics and 4 bottles of All-Wise mead delivered to your door monthly!

All items are expected to start shipping in mid-late July 2020.

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