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Check Out This VERY Low Budget Remake of “Jurassic Park”

YouTube is always full of fun and entertainment. And you will always find something that you missed from years ago. Today I stumbled across a very funny recreation of “Jurassic Park,” but you know… in a slapdash and very low budget format. If there’s one thing I enjoy it’s watching someone create something from nothing. Check out the video below!

It is actually pretty impressive that they could put all of this together. They either already had those clothes in their closet or they spent to get them just right for the scenes. Also the person who made these dinosaurs is very talented. Some of these cardboard sculptures are very intricate!

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Cardboard Movie Co. has also made a video for “Alien” where you can see them covered in goo and act out some of the best scenes from the film.

This is one channel that I’m going to pay close attention to for some more hilarious remakes. You can see more of the videos they have put up by following the link here.

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