“Sailor Moon Eternal” Pushed Back to 2021, Part Two Premiere Date Announced

This movie man, it’s just had such a hard time. A tweet today announced that they would be pushing back the date of the release of the film due to coronavirus. It was scheduled to come out September 11th this year but now due to the virus they’ve decided to move it back. The new release date for the film is Friday January 8th, 2021. But they didn’t just give us bad news. They also announced the date for part 2’s premiere. February 11th, 2021. So that means that instead of waiting six months between, we will be getting both movies the same year. And only a month apart.

It could be a good way to do this since we’ve all been pretty impatient about this film. First it was up in the air since Season 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal ended way back in 2016. Fans have been feeling like they will never get a new season of Sailor Stars since it has taken them so long to get “Season 4” aka these movies out.

Hopefully they will stick by these dates and we will be able to get them here in the states soon after. OR they could always make it video on demand. Because yes we would buy it and watch it. Especially because it’s not exactly safe to go out yet and many people are weary of their health.

Sailor Moon Eternal is set to cover the Deathbusters Arc. Which includes Nehelenia and her story. It’s meant to set up for the fifth and final season which introduces the Sailor Stars. What kills us is that it was just four months ago when they first announced the date for Part 1. But it’s better that they play it safe.

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