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This Luna Baby Onesie is the Perfect Gift for an Expecting Moonie

If there’s one thing I wish there were more of it’s definitely Sailor Moon baby things. When my first daughter was born there wasn’t much despite it being 2014 when the new Sailor Moon Crystal debuted. Now that it’s 2020 and I’m expecting another little girl in October finding this Luna onesie is probably the highlight of my life. And I just had to share it with all of you because how adorable is this!

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It’s currently going for under $20 (add about $5 for shipping) and it would make the absolute perfect gift for anyone who is expecting a baby. Especially if they happen to be a huge fan of Sailor Moon. Actually I just checked out for one and it came to about $22. So not a bad price at all.

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They also have some really cute Fukus for babies but I would wait to get one for the baby. Just because it’s best to figure out what kind of personality they have before you dress them up. Hint if they cry all the time they’re probably an Usagi, but if they are all smiles they could be a Minako.

Check out the listing for the Luna onesie here!

This would also be a great first cosplay if you were wondering what to do for a group cosplay. I may or may not be planning one right this second. Actually who am I kidding I’m totally going to be Sailor Moon and have my first daughter dress up as Chibi Moon. Living the dream.

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