These Face Masks Are Absolutely “Critical” to Have

With things opening back up it is more “critical” than ever to gear up, so you may want to add some variety to your face mask wardrobe as we return to work and even social activities.

Let your geek flag fly with this polyhedral dice face mask from inkedgaming.

This mask is nice and sleek for those who want a more suble approach to showing off their love for tabletop gaming. Featuring a black background with some off-white colored dice, this mask remains muted and subtle despite the blatant message that you probably are pining to be with your party rather than wherever it is you are instead.

This particular model features over-the-ear straps. The mask size is 7″ from Nose to Chin. Including 2 Layers of tight micro-weave fabric with 1/4″ elastic ear loops. 
Product Features:

  • Double layered for warmth and comfort.
  • Smooth, soft micro-weave for comfortable wearing for extended periods.
  • Machine washable – It is recommended that you machine wash them after every use. 
  • Durable fabric to survive frequent use and washing.
  • No color fading.

The website makes a note about Covid-19 reminding us that:

  • According to WHO and CDC recommendations, these DO NOT PREVENT THE SPREAD OF COMMUNICABLE DISEASES. 
  • This can be used as a last resort tool in our world’s fight to help stop the spread of Covid-19.
  • Machine Washable – It is recommended that you machine wash them after every use. 
  • Do not share masks.

If having straps behind the ears sounds very uncomfortable, they do offer another type of facemask in a faceshield option that fully wraps around the lower face and neck.

If you love the pattern but a mask isn’t quite aligning with your interests, they have other products using the same art pattern.

Such as this Dice Bag (which has multiple color options):

And Playmat:

Check out the rest of the products in this pattern here.

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