These Solar Flowers will Keep Your Pool the Perfect Temperature

You know how one of the best parts about Summertime is diving into your pool? Well for some of us the temperature is a major factor in what contributes to a good time. Plus what about when the sun starts to go down and the temperature drops? Well they’ve just come out with these really neat pool flowers that will heat up the pool and keep them warm for longer and I want to get some now!


For a long time to heat up the tiny pool that we had in the backyard for my daughter I would pin a giant cover over it. It also helped keep out the bugs but it also made it a double bonus when we went in and it felt like a nice bath. And now that there is a way that we can keep the temperature for longer we can spend even more time in the pool this summer!

Amazon has these in sets of 12 in either Blue or Black. At the time of this writing the rainbow is unfortunately unavailable but hopefully they will add it back soon. They are stackable and have a diameter of 22″ so depending on the size of your pool one set could be more than enough.

If you like the idea of these but the price is a bit too much they also have these floating disks that are a much cheaper price. You can check them out by clicking image or the link here.

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