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Give a Stitch Bouquet to Someone with a Badness Level of Zero

What’s better than roses or even daffodils? How about a bouquet of Stiches! I know I would love to get a nice bouquet of cuddly stuffed animals over something that’s already dying when it arrives. And yes I know that it’s quite morbid to think that way but flower bouquets while beautiful always make me kind of sad.

These come in pink and blue and are paired with roses that are made from a soap that means they will never die. And never fade for that matter, plus they smell great. These bouquets go for just about what you would expect a bouquet of roses to go for and they will last you a lifetime.

Treat your loved one with cute plushies and flowers. A really meaningful gift which can be kept forever. This combination is so pretty and adorable, surely no one can resist!

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Roses are made of a kind of soap that will make them never fade. This is the most lasting crafts and the most considerate and romantic gift.
9 x Scented Soap Roses
6 x Stitch Plushies (11cm)
The size of gift box: 60*20*10cm
Weight: 1.1kg
Package: Including the bouquet + gift box

You can get these on Cartoon Bouquets etsy by clicking the link here. They also sell other cartoons like Nightmare Before Christmas and Winnie the Pooh so even if your recipient doesn’t like Lilo and Stitch luckily there are many other options.

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