Create an Ambient Thunderstorm with these Interactive Cloud Lamps

Creating your own space is always fun. Whether you like simple aesthetics or more complex ones it’s always refreshing to walk into a clean room and just exist. And now thanks to Richard Clarkson Studio we can include some cool weather in with our existing decor. He’s created the most beautiful interactive cloud lamps that you can sync with music or make your own contained thunderstorm. Now you can camp without having to go outside(or get soaked in a rainstorm) and admire the beautiful storming clouds.

“One of a series of Lighting systems inspired by the magic of clouds coupled with advances in technology, the Interactive Cloud is an LED lamp incorporating advanced sound-reactive and ambient lamp modes.”

The lamp combines light and sound effects of a real thunderstorm. The lamp comes with full-motion sensors, microphones, and a speaker system. You can control the sounds and sensitivity to movements. It’s made out of a hypoallergenic fiberfill and comes with a nightlight setting and a music reactive mode. And you can pair them with other cloud lamps so that you get the effect of a stormy sky.

These are the most beautiful things that I’ve ever seen. But unfortunately beautiful things cost money. To get just one interactive cloud lamp it will run you about $480 for the “tiny” size. But man wouldn’t it be gorgeous to look at?

They also have an entire thunderstorm set that you can buy for a whopping $3,300. But again it certainly would carry a wow factor. Check out the entire system down below.

It looks like something being conducted with a magic wand. You can literally feel like a wizard with this amazing set. But it would require a lot of saving up and the proper space to display. I imagine an outdoor enclosed Jacuzzi with these amazing clouds over head. Or a beautiful hotel room on your wedding night or a fancy date that would help set the mood for your romantic getaway.

If you want to check the pricing on Richard Clarkson Studio by clicking the link here.

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