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Cafe in Germany Uses Pool Noodle Hats to Keep Social Distance

In many countries, COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are being loosened as they were able to slow down the virus spread. With that said, many public places are allowed to be back open with safety measures in mind. And this German cafe came up with a bizarre idea to implement social distancing.

Cafe & Konditorei Rothe, a cafe in Schwerin, Germany reopened last week. They made sure their tables were 4.9 feet apart, which is what every restaurant is required to do. However, they did not stop there. The cafe reportedly gave its customers hats with pool noodles attached. The colorful noodles point in three different directions to keep people apart.

Source: Cafe & Konditorei Rothe

Cafe & Konditorei Rothe shared pictures of diners enjoying their meals while wearing these peculiar hats on social media, at it quickly went viral.

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“In these difficult times it’s a pleasure to make others smile,” the cafe’s owner Jacqueline Rothe told The New York Post.

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