Dunkin’ DIY Donut Kits Are Now Available with Different Sprinkles and Frosting

Attention donut lovers! Get ready for a donut decorating party because Dunkin’ Donuts just released DIY doughnut kits!

Image: Dunkin

The idea came after Norma Valkenaar, a Dunkin’ Donuts employee at the Concord, CA store, asked to bring some donuts home for her nephews. But instead of the ready-made ones, she asked for separate sprinkles and frosting. After seeing the joy it brought to the boys, her boss, Matt Cobo, thought the kits would make a good new product. Matt and Norma started making the kits to drop off in their local neighborhoods. Dunkin’ franchise owners across the country have also begun to do the same.

“This is our small way of trying to brighten someone’s day,” Matt said. “The simple joy of getting to create your own donut can make kids light up, and if we can be a part of creating that moment, that makes us happy.”

The kits come in small boxes of four doughnuts for $6 and large boxes of nine for $10. But note that the kit may be different depends on location. Drop by your local Dunkin’ to see if they offer the DIY kits and grab some if they do!

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