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Transformers Toys Will Continue to Ship Despite Pandemic

One thing that keeps me sane no matter how old I get is Transformers toys. They’re fun and encourage creative play. And they’re easy to look at and collect. So when I heard that even though there’s a pandemic they’re still shipping it made me feel a bit more at ease. It’s a toy that’s been with us through good times and bad and now it will continue to soothe us. Pandemic or not they are still shipping to their customers, and that means a lot especially right now.

The news comes from yesterday after they released their quarter earnings report for 2020. They detailed which factories were being impacted by COVID-19 and which were still producing. The factory for Transformers was luckily not on the list of impacted factories which means production is still going normally. They also stated that they were transitioning making other products at other factories so that they would not be impacted for holiday sales.

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Supply chain positioned to meet full-year product demand requirements leveraging growing retailer
channels, including ecomm and omni-channel

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Outside of China: Manufacturing and warehouse partners outside of China operated at close to normal levels during much of the first quarter. Beginning in mid-March and through today, these locations are operating at varying levels of productivity depending on local government and safety considerations, with some markets operating at lower than normal production levels and other facilities have been closed for a period of time. Currently closed facilities include manufacturing in Massachusetts, Texas and Ireland, primarily for games, as well as manufacturing locations in India.

The global Hasbro team is utilizing its diverse global supply chain to meet demand from open facilities, existing inventory and to rapidly make up lost production. The COVID-19 situation is very fluid and based on our understanding of local governments directions at this time, we expect closed facilities to reopen over the summer. We will be using our full complement of sourcing partners globally to ensure a quick recapture of any lost production on priority items.

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