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Check Out the Best Fight “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” Has To Offer

With the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars completing its final season on Disney +, fans everywhere have anticipated this season which is essentially a lead in into Episode 3. And the latest episode had the best fight scene we’ve ever experienced.

This lead in is going to bring a few storylines/ character journeys to a close including: Ahsoka Tano, Darth Maul, Captain Rex and the siege of Mandalore. The latter being an event fans have anticipated since its conception. The main battle in the penultimate episode of the season includes a duel between Tano and Maul; and it’s one of the best ones the series has had.

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And I believe that it is a fight that’ll go down in the fandom as one of the best because of two reasons that make it up: its ideologically and fight choreography.


Maul and Tano Exhange ideologies, both trying laying down their perspectives of the galaxy.

Both Stand within and without their orders, outliars of the force and its main opposing groups. While Ahsoka fights to save the republic and its people, Maul is hoping to grab what little power he can once it crumbles. And both have reasonable arguments, both stemming from the fact that there are problems with the system; problems with the Jedi. 

While our heroin is trying to save and build upon what is there, Maul is just waiting for it all to violently fall apart. And the most compelling part is that Maul has a lot going for him. 

Fate is driving towards the destruction of the republic and the Jedi; who knows what could’ve happened if Maul and Ahsoka would have teamed up to take on Sidious. 

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Fight Choreography

Right before Maul strikes down his opponent and flees he gives Ashoka one last chance ; join him or die.

The motion capture during the fight sequence Between Maul and Ashoka had so much weight and flare to it. 

Ray Park and stunt woman Lauren Mary Kim both pull off a spectacular performance here; really giving every strike and movement the weight and style it deserves.

Aside from being just well designed, set pieces are just so cool. From the throne room to the support beams, the sights aren’t particularly flashy and all are used well. 

There’s also a cool parallel here to the fight from Episode I, where Ahsoka & Obi Wan Kenobi are both padawans without a saber who manage to defeat Darth Maul. While Kenobi cuts straight to the point, Tano leaves Maul Hanging, both effective though different. 

The emotional weight of the story comes more from the characters journeys rather than their overall affect on the overarching plot. And this is kind of the whole point of the Clone Wars show; to tell stories that are fun and reflective of the times since they can’t really affect the SW timeline.

What did you think of this fight? What are your favorite lightsaber duels in Star Wars? Let us know in the comments down below.

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