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Facebook To Add ‘Hug’ Emoji For Extra Support

During these times we need to be as supportive to one another as possible. Now we can all ‘like’ or ‘love’ something on Facebook and it’s wonderful. But the one emoji that I have been wishing for is the ‘hug’ emoji. I’d send that little dude out multiple times to all my friends and family. To let them know that I support them from afar. And not to mention that I am giving them a hug as well. Cause you know, social distancing and all.

Sometime this week Facebook will be adding in the ‘hug’ emoji for extra support to all our loved ones. It will sit alongside the angry, wow, like, etc.

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Facebook has launched a new 'Hug' reaction button
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“We’ve added a new reaction so you can show extra support while many of us are apart,” the update on Facebook reads. “We hope this helps you, your family and your friends feel a bit more connected.This time is going to help us really understand how people are using it, whether they are finding value and whether this reaction is really specific to the moment in time that we are going through or if it’s more evergreen,” she said, adding, “Based on that, we will decide whether we keep it or whether we remove it at the end of this crisis.””

I love this idea and I really hope that they end up keeping this, because it is such a cute little emoji.

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