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Builder Turns Staircase Into Convenient Wine Cellar

As a wine enthusiast, I often find myself with one enormous problem-space. It seems like every adventure to a new winery ends with more bottles in my home. Where to put them all though? Well, some end up in the fridge while the rest huddle alongside my bottles of whiskey. One Australian house renovator is bringing a unique solution to this common problem though.

58 year old Murray Berrill was working on a house project in which a wine cellar needed to be built. Instead of spending a ton of money creating a wine cellar in the home’s basement, Berrill decided to use some dead space in the home. After all, how often do we use our stairs for anything other than walking up and down? So he came up with the idea of creating pull-out drawers inside each stair. Each drawer contains slots for holding bottles of wine. A total of sixteen bottles of wine can be stored inside each step. Using 12 steps for the project, this means just under 200 bottles of wine can be safely stored in the staircase.

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Berrill’s design does not simply stop at storage though. Each drawer has insulation to help maintain the proper temperature. Additionally, there is an integrated thermometer to track the temperature of the bottles. In total, the project cost Berrill $5,900 to construct. Currently, he has no plans to release a DIY version of his plans. If you’re creative enough, and have some cash to spare, you could probably come up with your own version of these stairs to save space and look fancy.

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