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This X-Wing Knife Block Will Cut Through Imperial Defenses

I was trying to think of a good headline but stuck with that. Because you know X-Wings are epic spaceships and since this one is a knife set it will technically cut through Imperial defenses. You know.. Imperial Butter? It’s a brand and I’m old so I like puns… Anyway I found this really neat knife set on Hot Topic’s website and thought you should check it out! It’s stainless steel and Star Wars themed. Which is great if you already have some Star Wars themed kitchenware in your home.

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You can check the listing by clicking the link here.

From the listing it says:

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The Force is strong in the kitchen…

The Force is strong in the kitchen…The X-Wing knife block holds a set of five high-quality kitchen knives in the style of the legendary fighter of the Rebel Alliance. The knives include a cook’s knife, bread knife, carving knife, utility knife and a paring knife. They have excellent strength, durability and a long-lasting cutting edge. Use them to slice and dice vegetables, meat, fish and more.

  • Stainless steel 
  • Imported 

So if you were looking for something like this or even just needed a knife set this is great. I know when I moved into my own place the one thing that I happened to overlook was getting a good knife set. Sorry Ikea your basic knives aren’t cutting it… So when I found this I was overjoyed. Hopefully you like it too.

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