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Rent An Entire Pirate Ship On Airbnb For Your Next Getaway

Tired of staying in boring old hotels? Ready for adventure after all this COVID-19 stuff blows over? Well what if I told you you could stay in a pirate ship on your next vacation? There are just so many possibilities! You could throw a bachelor party, a birthday party or party on talk like a pirate day which falls on September 19th. Because hopefully we Arrr able to go out and be normal again by then.

Airbnb has it where you can rent this entire pirate ship on the Mississippi River for $350 a night. That’s a great price for an entire pirate ship. Think of all the cosplay photos you could take there! Personally I would invite all the Jack Sparrow cosplayers I know and try to have them out Sparrow each other. Winner gets to steer the ship!

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The listing boasts: One of a kind Pirate Ship! Located 4 min from MSP Airport. Marina is surrounded by nature. The Ship is 65′ long, has two bedrooms, two heads, a hammock and numerous nooks to hideout at. Shower, kitchen, central air, big upper deck, planks, fireplace, tables and couches, tunes, and theme lighting. Gated marine, plenty parking. Gangplank takes you directly to the Ship. SUP’S & kayaks.

The rental fee is good for up to six people and you can have up to 15. But there is an extra fee for guests. I have to say that this is probably one of the places that is totally worth the price. Maybe book it when you have a connecting flight in Mississippi? Just make sure you check the weather first because foul weather may limit the upper deck features.

You can access the listing by clicking the link here.

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