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Official Star Wars Backgrounds You Can Use For Your Next Meeting

Whether you identify with the Light side or the Dark side you will be able to show your alliance soon. Next time you are in class or in a meeting you can now use officially licensed images from Star Wars that will help set tone. Maybe you want to come across as Nerdy but also serious. Then an image from the Empire is probably going to do the trick.

Artify – Square

Or maybe you feel more adventurous. Then maybe use an image from Hoth or Pasaana. They have 31 backgrounds to choose from so whatever you are in the mood for you will definitely be able to find something that fits. I would choose Hoth during the summer months personally because at least then I would be able to pretend I was in a cold place. Unless you like being warm, then maybe go with Jakku.

Star Wars virtual background: Hoth
Star Wars virtual background: Pasaana

And there is always the option of just choosing inside the Millennium Falcon or just space. Like how it looks when you go into hyperspace or land in an asteroid field.

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Star Wars virtual background: The Millennium Falcon
Star Wars virtual background: lightspeed
Star Wars virtual background: Astroid field

There are a lot more than just these too! You can check out all the backgrounds to download by clicking here.

Recently DC Comics also came out with some backgrounds so if you would like to check those out you can do so by clicking here. They offer images from the Batcave to the Aquaman’s underwater world and even the fortress of solitude. So whatever hero you pick you will find a background for.

Which side of the force will you pick? Tell us in the comments if you use video conferencing regularly. What kind of background do you usually choose?

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