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Mondo Releases Premium Puzzles of Some of Our Favorite Franchises

I can tell you right now that the puzzle that I am most excited about in this collection is the Iron Giant. If you want to talk about a WAY underrepresented fan loved film that is it. It’s the first new thing that I’ve seen come out of the movie in a long time and the fun doesn’t stop there. They also have a bunch of other puzzle designs that I’m definitely going to have to get. Even though these start shipping in June it still makes for a fun time. Check out the different puzzles Mondo is coming out with later this year.

Artify – Square

Artwork by Rory Kurtz
Expected to Ship in June 2020

This would make a great Christmas Puzzle

HOME ALONE 1000-Piece Puzzle (Pre-Order)
Artwork by DKNG
Expected to Ship in June 2020

GREMLINS 1000-Piece Puzzle (Pre-Order)
Artwork by Matt Ryan Tobin
Expected to Ship in August 2020

G.I. JOE: Cobra Wants You! 1000-Piece Puzzle (Pre-Order)
Artwork by Jason Edmiston
Expected to Ship in August 2020

Keep Going!
1 of 1,001

DIE HARD 1000-Piece Puzzle (Pre-Order)
Artwork by 100% Soft
Expected to Ship in June 2020

THE IRON GIANT 1000-Piece Puzzle (Pre-Order)
Artwork by DKNG
Expected to Ship in August 2020

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS 1000-Piece Puzzle (Pre-Order)
Features iconic art from the D&D archiveExpected to Ship in June 2020

JURASSIC PARK 1000-Piece Puzzle (Pre-Order)
Artwork by Francesco Francavilla
Expected to Ship in August 2020

Whether or not you yourself love puzzles or any of these franchises, these would definitely make a great gift as well. Plus they cost only $20 each which is a great price for a good puzzle. And you can glue and frame them when you are finished and have a nice piece of art and a memory of making it to go along with it.

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