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Joker’s Joaquin Phoenix Asks New York Governor To Release Prisoners During Coronavirus Pandemic

Joaquin Phoenix has called on New York Governor to empty prisons while COVID-19 continues to spread in close knit communities. He sent out a video message pleading with Andrew Cuomo to release the prisoners while this outbreak of coronavirus is moving through not only our neighborhoods but also prisons.

‘The lives of so many people depend on his action. No one deserves to die in prison from COVID-19.’

“When you’re incarcerated there is no such thing as social distancing, and ensuring good hygene is not an option.”

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“Leaders must do everything possible to prevent incarcerated people and those who work in prisons from becoming ill and spreading the virus,” he adds.

It’s hard to know exactly what could happen if prisoners are released and it may benefit to at least release some with more minor offenses. But It’s possible that it may not happen at all. Phoenix has been an advocate for PETA and strongly believes in protecting all life. So it makes sense that he would call for prisoners to be released.

The ‘Release Aging People in Prison Campaign’ is an activist group that campaigns on behalf of elderly people who they believe have been sentenced to die in prisons due to their age and length of sentence. If they did release some of the more vulnerable it should be on a case by case basis. And according to, “Inmates in New York State prisons who are 55 years or older and are within 90 days of their release may now be considered for early release due to concerns about the spread of coronavirus in state correctional facilities.”

These inmates should also have a safe place to be released to, and should they return home hopefully they would quarantine them for a 14 day period before letting them live with their families.

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