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LEGO Is Making Over 13,000 Visors a Day for Medical Workers

During these uncertain times it’s good to know that when you really need help the folks responsible for your childhood have your back. Or in this case they’ve got your front. LEGO is committed to making 13,000 visors a day for medical workers. And if that doesn’t make you love the company I don’t know what will.

They tweeted a video of their machinery creating the visors so that medical professionals could be safe. It doesn’t take much for them to do and it’s a huge help to those that need these protective guards right now. Even with the N95 masks doctors and nurses are vulnerable. So this extra coverage really helps protect them. So far they have converted six of its moulding machines at its Billund factory in Denmark to solely produce visors. And can produce up to 58,000 if they need to by converting more machines.

1 of 1,649

Medical workers are working around the clock to keep us all protected. Many of them are living in tents in their garage so they don’t get their families sick. LEGO is helping make sure they are protected and their visors have actually been hospital approved. So they are shipping their first order of 50,000 very soon. Now if we can get other companies to convert some of their machinery to make more medical supplies, that would be really special. Many have and many more will, but just knowing that these front line workers are on the forefront of their minds is a nice feeling in itself. Stay home and stay safe!

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