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Pattinson’s ‘Batman’ Will Explore Origins Without Being an Origin Story

To put rumors at rest, Matt Reeves himself has come out to say that ‘The Batman’ will not be an origin story. That being said, there can still be exploration into the character that reveals why he is as he is without it having to be the central focus of the tale. According to Reeves’ interview, it seems as though we will be following the Caped Crusader’s early days and how his first battles with darkness shape who he is to become.

I wanted to do not an origin tale, but a tale that would still acknowledge his origins, in that it formed who he is. Like this guy, he’s majorly struggling, and this is how he’s trying to rise above that struggle. But that doesn’t mean that he even fully understands, you know. It’s that whole idea of the shadow self and what’s driving you, and how much of that you can incorporate, and how much of it you’re doing that you’re unaware of.

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It seems Reeves’ truly wants to explore the psychology of Batman and capture him from a new angle. Veering away from the action and into the human. What does being Batman truly mean?

“I’m going to pitch the version of Batman that I would do, which is going to have a humanist bent. And who knows if they’ll have any interest? If they don’t, then I won’t do it. And that’ll be okay. I was really lucky that they said yes.”

We are very interested in seeing how this will translate on screen. Batman fans such as myself have always equally been interested in Batman’s psycological aspects as well as his action if not more so. Batman is a very complex character driven by trauma. It would be nice to see more of what makes him in his mind space more so that just his crime fighting power.

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It is unfortunate that current times with the Pandemic will be haulting production for some time. But this seems worth waiting for.

“There’s something in there that feels very psychological, very emotional. and it felt like there was a way of exploring that along with the corruption in this place, Gotham. That feels very current. I think it always does. There’s almost no time when you can’t do a story about corruption. But today, it still seems incredibly resonant and maybe, from my perspective, maybe more so than maybe at other time.”

Although there was some hault. Warner Bros. is set to release’ “The Batman” in theaters June 25, 2021.

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