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Dad Decorates Son’s Bedroom to Look Like the Millennium Falcon

Growing up my parents were very big do-it-yourself kind of people. I remember my mom making dresses for my sister and I when we were kids. And we matched a lot growing up. I remember those pink and blue dresses from Easter one year. I think we used the remainder fabric for our Barbie dolls. But now that we are old we try to take on do-it-yourself projects, I know how to sew but god forbid I know how to use anything else. That’s why I am always so jealous of other people making things for their kids that is super cool.

One dad in particular turned his son’s bedroom into a portion of the Millennium Falcon, and I am so jealous right now!

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How cool is all of this! This is one lucky kid to have an amazing dad who will do this for him. Kudos!

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