Virtual Fan Expo Is Bringing The Convention Experience to Your Home

As 2020 continues to roll on and many conventions are either cancelled or postponed due to Coronavirus, it’s left many of us feeling distant and misplaced. Well, not to worry because Virtual Fan Expo is going to give us all a chance to experience a convention from the safety of our own homes! VFE will be happening May 2nd to May 3rd and will be free to attend at

Virtual Fan Expo is the brain child of Xlevelent and Kaleidoko, with media partners Legion M and Collider joining in. This will be a great opportunity for those of us who had wanted to go to conventions this year but due to the current state of the world were no longer able to. The event is free to attend and if you are an artist or a vendor signing up to distribute is free as well. Virtual Fan Expo is going to be a convention experience in an online space. Meaning they will have everything from Panels, Q&A’s and celebrity appearances, interactive gaming rooms, online happy hours, and a cosplay “ball.”

An event centerpiece will be a seamless virtual exhibitor floor featuring more than one hundred exhibitors and vendors offering the hottest merchandise typically found at well-known Cons. Attendees will have exclusive access to vendors on the exhibitor floor via Auxxit, an innovative virtual marketplace that will feature special shopping segments including limited edition and VFE-exclusive merch. The platform also gives the community unparalleled ability to communicate with exhibitors and each other throughout the weekend. Plus this convention will have vendors from all over the United States. Because it is online you will be able to connect with vendors that usually only attend out of state conventions and will be able to get all kinds of merchandise and goodies.

Bernie Bregman, director of business development and talent acquisitions, Experience Level Entertainment states, “We’re launching Virtual Fan Expo as an exciting, revolutionary con experience that best replicates ‘being there’ without compromising anyone’s health, well-being or need to leave home. Above all, we’re enabling a deep, inclusive and meaningful sense of community for pop culture fans hungry for fun and engaging social opportunities currently stolen by the global pandemic.”

More details will be announced soon. To stay informed about Virtual Fan Expo, including panel and Q&A schedules, celebrity appearances, as well as fan experience and exhibitor details, please visit

You can also visit their Facebook and Twitter/Instagram at @virtualfanexpo.

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