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Corona Beer Stops Production

Due to COVID-19 many non essential businesses are shuttering their doors. And now the same is true for Corona, the beer everyone has been joking about lately due to the name. Mexico has decided to close down all non essential businesses which now includes Grupo Modelo’s Corona facility. They wen’t on twitter to tell their patrons exactly what was happening.

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As of right now the suspension is only in effect until April 30th but could last longer if they want to play it safe. Right now in Mexico they have more than 1,500 cases of COVID-19 and have had more than 50 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins.

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The good news is that the distribution company Constellation Brands says that there is an ample supply and that they don’t expect any shortages in the near future. You would think that sales may have dipped due to the shared name with the virus, but in fact they have had an 8.9% increase in sales. That’s probably from all the folks with a sense of humor or people hoarding beer along with their toilet paper.

So no need to worry right now if you are a Corona drinker, but you may want to branch out just in case.

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