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New “Harry Potter at Home” Website Launches For Kids, Teachers & Parents

There is a new website out thanks to the help of JK Rowling. It’s a site where you can go and learn about the world of Harry Potter and can be used as a teaching tool for parents and teachers.

“Welcome to the Harry Potter At Home hub where you’ll find all the latest magical treats to keep you occupied – including special contributions from Bloomsbury and Scholastic, nifty magical craft videos (teach your friends how to draw a Niffler!), fun articles, quizzes, puzzles and plenty more for first-time readers, as well as those already familiar with the wizarding world. We’re casting a Banishing Charm on boredom!”

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The site is pretty neat and you could be on it for hours. It has crosswords, word searches and even guides to reading Harry Potter to your child for the first time. It has it where you can find out what house you are in and more! JK wanted to launch this site amid everything that is going on to fight boredom at home and I have to say with this she’s done a good job.

Many people have wondered what’s the right time to introduce my child to Harry Potter. And the answer to that may be NOW. No matter what age they are surely they are in the mood for some imagination and escape. So why not check this site out and see how to let that journey begin?

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