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Sailor Moon Popsockets Are Here to Save You from Dropping Your Phone!

Cell Phones have come a long way in a short while. But all the technological advances come with a price to match. There are many accessories to help you safeguard your new smartphone: Otterboxes, screen protectors, finger rings, and the ever popular Popsocket. Protecting your investment is a wise choice, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up style. Help keep a grip on your phone with the help of these Sailor Moon Popsockets!

If you somehow haven’t heard of them yet, Popsockets are a cell phone accessory that you stick on the back of your phone to help keep you from dropping it. Gone are the days of awkwardly stretched out arms for selfies. You no longer have to worry about dropping your phone on your face while scrolling Facebook in bed. And while they come in a variety of colors and designs, these Sailor Moon Popsockets take first prize!

Artify – Square

Crystal Star Compact

This is a tribute to Sailor Moon’s second transformation brooch. 

Cosmic Heart Compact

The Cosmic Heart Compact is the third transformation brooch in the series. It was gifted to Sailor Moon along with the Spiral Heart Moon Rod.

Keep Going!
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Crisis Moon Compact

The Crisis Moon compact was gifted to Sailor Moon by Pegasus in the 4th season of the anime series. It’s arguably one of the prettiest accessories gifted to any of the sailor scouts!

Possibly only made prettier by the addition of that signature Sailor Scout now!

These amazing Popsockets are made available by Teena Pham, the owner of the blingyourlifeup on Etsy.

These Sailor Moon Popsockets would make the perfect gift for the Moonie in your life!

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