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Nonna Nerina: A Real Italian Grandma Who Wants to Teach You How To Cook!

We’re all in a weird place right now. Cities are shutting down, we can’t see our loved ones, and we’re running out of things to do inside of our homes. Some people are working from home and some are using this time to relax. But if you’re running out of activities, consider using this time to learn something new! Nonna Live with Nonna Nerina is bringing pasta making master classes right to your kitchen ­– with a real nonna!

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Nonna Nerina teaches pasta-making classes in Palombara Sabina, Italy. Her class is usually an Airbnb add-on experience. Over the course of a couple of hours, this real Italian grandma teaches attendees how to make three different types of pasta from scratch. With the restrictions in place due to COVID-19, she has had to stop offering her class in-person. Thanks to the wonder of technology, she’s hoping to join you in the comfort of your kitchen! There is nothing better than grandma’s cooking! But if you can’t have grandma’s cooking, knowing her recipes is sure to help ease the sorrow. 

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Nonna Nerina is bringing her cooking class to the internet thanks to the help of her granddaughter, Chiara. Classes are held Wednesday-Sunday, and cover different kinds of pasta and sauces. Granddaughter Chiara teaches the classes during the week, with Nonna taking the lead on Saturdays and Sundays.

Speaking from personal experience, fresh made pasta is absolutely delightful, and even more so knowing you made it yourself. My partner and I took a pasta-making class on a trip to Italy, and it was truly wonderful. I can only imagine it being better if it were taught by someone like Nonna Nerina!

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