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Mountain Dew Flavored Doritos Are Here

Mountain Dew and Doritos. It’s long been a favorite combination for gamers everwhere. However, who would think to bring the two of these flavors together? A genius. That’s who.

Doritos and Mountain Dew have come together in one crunchy chip. Which does certainly sound a lot more appealing than Dorito Flavored Mountain Dew. (Which apparently has been done before. PepsiCo Inc., which owns Mountain Dew, released such items in 2008 and 2014. The later one was dubbed as “Dewitos” and part of a small program at colleges and universities.)

The limited-edition Doritos will be mimicking the flavor of Mountain Dew. The popular soda has a citrus flavor which is not an unusual flavor choice in a crunchy chip as lemon baked tortilla chips are popular in many Mexican resturaunts. In my imagination this doesn’t seem like a bad combination.

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Unfortunately as excited as we are to try them, they are not yet available in the US. Even more heartbreaking is that we aren’t even sure if they ever will be.

As of right now it is a snack only available in Australia. So be sure to be extra nice to your Australian friends and maybe they will send you some.

We have heard that according to Instagram account @nickvavitiss, who tried the new chips, they taste like “citrus lime detergent.” Which does not give us too much hope but I do admit to still being very curious!

Do you have any thoughts about this? If you’re in Australia, be sure to report to us and let us know how they taste!

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