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Limited New Flavor Of Captain Morgan’s Taste Just Like A Creamsicle

What a year January, February, and March have been. I dunno how the rest of you are, but I do know we could use a pick me up. Something that will brighten our days and make us just a bit more happier, wouldn’t you say? Summers of my childhood consisted of these delicious 50/50 bars (orange creamsicles) I think they were Stater Bros brand but I can’t remember, all I remember, hot day, delicious Popsicle in my hand and all my worries of adulting were far, far away. Ah, memories. But now I have orange and vanilla coke to take me back to those times. That was until Captain decided to get in on the flavor. Captain Morgan that is!

Yes my friends the familiar Captain of spiced rum has blessed us with a new flavor, and guess what? That’s right it tastes just like a creamsicle!

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Soon to be available, but reminder that this is a summer limited, so don’t be THAT person who waits until the last second to try and find this bad boy.

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