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Pixar Delivers Another Great Movie for the Whole Family with Onward!

From the legendary studio that has produced so many quality movies over the years comes another adventure for the whole family. Pixar produces top quality productions and Onward is no exception! Ian Lightfoot voiced by Tom Holland, and Barley Lightfoot voiced by Chris Pratt go on an adventure that will change their lives! In a world where magic has been forgotten and replaced by science, a fallen father leaves a magical item in an effort to get a day with his kids when they are grown up.

I had my doubts about this movie with the trailers and wasn’t sure if I was going to be interested in this new universe, but I had faith in Pixar and I know they are not to be underestimated. What makes Pixar such a great movie studio is that they take risks in creating new content and aren’t afraid to take on serious themes in peoples lives. Most important is they do this without compromising children’s entertainment. As a parent, part of my review revolves around the kids interest in watching it, combined with enough cleverness in the movie to keep the adults engaged. This is a delicate balance that produces masterpieces like the Toy Story movies. Onward delivers with a good setup and a good strong message for kids and adults.

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In the end, Onward is another great installment from Pixar and a movie the family should watch. It is by no means Pixar’s greatest movie, but it is a good one time watch for parents with some re-watchability for the kiddos. Onward becomes available April 3rd on Disney+.

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