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What Are The 8 Biggest Casino Wins of All Time?

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Winning in casinos is possible and it is usually a combination of luck and set of skills that players developed over the time of playing in casinos. When it comes to the highest payouts, one of the biggest casino winners ever is a player who played online instead of in brick and mortar suite that you would think of probably. In this article, we will list the biggest wins at best online casino with low minimum deposit. We will list several winners who managed to get the biggest amounts of money and these are the examples that winning huge money is not only entitled to the skills that you need to develop over the time to win huge prices and money. Instead, there are ways to win in roulette, poker or Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot without too much of the luck! 

An unknown player from Norway – EUR 11.7 million 

If you have ever heard of Arabian Knights 5-reel jackpot slot game that comes from NetEnt company, then you must have heard of the biggest win that occurred! A 21+yeard old player by a name Peter managed to beat the fruit machine in 2011 and scored EUR 11.7 million! There is a rumor that he had just started playing. He played in Betsson, one of the best online casinos that payout huge amounts of cash! Therefore, he was the best proof that you can earn significant money from playing the online casino games where you have to be patient, disciplined, ready to take the risk but also willing to try out the games that offer great rewards! 

Don Jonson – EUR 13.48 million 

Over six months, you can earn cash from a casino, which Don Jonson proved by using his tactics and techniques that were not the popular counting cards techniques. Instead, before he would play games, Don would try to make the dealers offer him special rules that take more money but offer higher chances for a win. He was a high roller, no doubt. That is why he managed to get himself a guarantee that we would have 20% of payback, while his average hand cost $25,000! He managed to win almost $15 million in three different casinos!

John Heywood – EUR 17.8 million

One of the top-paying players was also John Heywood, a British Soldier who “robbed” Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot for just 25 minutes of playing, as he opened an account on Betway and deposited money. His award was the top prize in this game and the biggest win in 2018. After the win, he became popular. John also gave 4 million to one of his friends as a sign of good gesture, which speaks about him and his qualities as a man. Even the Microgaming officials were there to congratulate him on the huge win!

Elmer Sherwin – EUR 18.93 million

One of the biggest casino wins is EUR 18.93 million that was won by a WW2 veteran who won this amount in 1989 after visiting the Mirage in Las Vegas! 10 hours after opening the casino, Elmer came to collect his money and what was even better was that he won another jackpot some 16 years later! He started traveling the world. The traveling consisted of occasional gambling with the goal of hitting the lucky reel again and he was 92 years old when he hit that jackpot once again! Even though he was not a hardcore player, he was a cool granddaddy who earned some money for himself after settling down!

Johanna Heundl – EUR 20.18 million

If you have thought that women do not gamble, you were wrong as this lady became a millionaire after visiting the Bally’s! She stated that she did not have any of the gambling experience before this as she started with the sum of $170, before hitting the lucky reel and earning $22,618,156 million for her breakfast! She did spin the wheel only once! This tells that the payout does not have to come after years of hard work and efforts, but rather when you are lucky to hit the lucky number/symbol! She did play Megabucks game that earned her a ton of money!

Cynthia Jay-Brennan – EUR 31.25 million

Another huge pay comes from Megabucks slot game! Cynthia decided after she attended her mom-in-law party, to try her luck in Megabucks and it turned out to be her lucky day, as she managed to win EUR 31.25 million after 9 spins! Right after this huge win, she decided to quit her job and started traveling the world with all that money! However, the unlucky situation came up – just after a few weeks, she had a car accident that killed her sister, leaving Cynthia paralyzed for the rest of her life.

An unknown 25-year old man – EUR 35.44 million

Waiting for the basketball game can be profitable sometimes, as this guy did prove to all of us! Some unknown guy was waiting for the basketball match and he came up with the idea to spend some time in a casino before the match, which turned out to be the best decision in his life! He walked into Excalibur casino and won $40 million! The guy made a deal with the casino to receive $1.5 million annually for the next 25 years! No one knows his name, but we all know that waiting for a match can be profitable for you if you know where and how to look for the profit in the casino!

Gloria McKenzie – EUR 527.16 million

The biggest casino win in history goes to Gloria McKenzie who hit the Powerball lottery and won $590.5 million! This 84-yeard old grandma managed to get a ticket in front of a polite person that let her buy herself a ticket in Florida and she ended up with the huge amount of money in her hands! She did cash out half of the prize. Gloria is considered to be the highest-paid lottery/casino player of all time, as no one managed to beat this record to this day. 

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