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Burger King is Giving Away Free Kids Meals While Schools Remain Shut Down

The offer to provide two free kids meals comes with one paid adult meal. So that means you’re paying around seven to twelve dollars instead of around twenty if you add on the cost of two kids meals. This is in an effort to keep children fed while they are out of school and may not have access to their regular programs.

The program is available through their mobile app only when ordering to go meals. They came up with the plan after a call with other industry leaders and President Trump. They are figuring out a financial aid program for their franchise owners and other small businesses.

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Since the start of this outbreak stock has plummeted so no doubt they are looking for ways to combat that. Also by doing this even though the extra food may come at a loss to the company at least they appear to be working to help their customers. Plus it probably helps that the toys that they are licensed with can still get distributed because let’s face it that’s a huge marketing tool.

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