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There’s a Website that Will Help You Calculate How Far Your Toilet Paper Hoard Will Last

Leave it to the good old internet to make something really useful! Now you can calculate exactly how far that stash(or lack of) toilet paper will last you. It is a pretty neat site and all I can say is, I need to go to the store soon…

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It calculates everything based on a sliding scale. How many people are in your house, and how many sheets per roll. Along with other values like how many rolls you have in stock. It’s actually a pretty helpful thing for those of us who don’t like to do math.

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You can check out the website by clicking the link here.

Coronavirus now has many of us on mandatory “shelter in place” or “quarantines” and since the fear hit the air there has been a shortage of toilet paper from people hoarding it. Fortunately for the elderly there are now certain hours that you can go to the store if you need supplies and there are limits to what you can buy. This just goes to show you that Americans have kind of weird priorities. For example the toilet paper is gone, but the toothpaste and condoms are still snug on the shelf. So get ready for bad breath and a baby boom in about nine months from now.

What do you think of everything going on lately? Tell us in the comments how long your toilet paper stash is going to last!

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