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A Tiny Vending Machine Just for Your Desk

In many workplaces, employees have access to the convenience of a vending machine or two, filled with delicious drinks or snacks.  But of course, in most cases you have to be able to pay for them, and there’s also the inconvenience of having to go to where to whatever place the vending machine is tucked away into. Or worse yet, you make the trek all the way over there only to discover that it’s out of your favorite variety.

But just think if you had a personal, mini vending machine all to yourself, you wouldn’t have to worry about any of that.

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A company in Japan has created this adorable product to sit atop your desk either at work or in your home, ready and waiting with refreshingly chilled beverages inside.  Press one of the buttons beside the drink you want and out pops the can.  You can choose what to put inside of it initially, and you can store up to ten cans at a time.  The machine has five buttons, so ideally you can stick two of each kind of drink on one shelf.  The vending machine can also be opened or used in similar fashion to a cooler simply by opening the lid; with this method, you can potentially store other items inside of it as well.

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This super-“cool” (pun intended) appliance can be placed or stored anywhere due to its size. It can sit atop your desk, or you can put it under a desk or stash it in a convenient corner somewhere. The vending machine plugs in easily into any wall outlet, but can also be plugged into a car socket for travel purposes. Currently the small appliance can be purchased from here, but hopefully it’ll come to Amazon or similar vendors soon.

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