Lego is Releasing an Interactive Mario Set Where You Can Collect Coins and Lose a Life

Writing the title sounds a bit ominous when you read that you can lose a life. But not to fear as we know Mario has many. And in this new lego set you can build a level where the Mario interacts and collects coins, gets hurt and can fail a level. Which makes it a lot more fun knowing that you don’t always just win. They released a video on how the set works which you can watch below.

Now from the video you can see that his eyes, mouth and chest have screens on them that can change depending on where he is or what he is interacting with. You can also see the use of a power switch and a bluetooth connector on the back of him so it’s likely that there will be use of a phone app as well. And while that seems extremely cool it gets even better when you hear all the original sounds that can be found in the old Nintendo game. He has a level timer of 60 seconds that you have to complete the level in and since he can die I’m assuming it’s going to be one of those cases where you find out what anxiety is.

Unfortunately the video says that it is multiple sets, so we don’t know exactly how big each set it. Hopefully they will release a mega set with everything for those of us who want to play with the whole thing right out of the box. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that each major player that you see character wise comes in its own set. Also when they lay it out they show a few different colored platforms. So my guess is that there will be five or six different sets to buy up before they are all sold out.