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Batwoman Recap Episode 14

It Episode 14 of Batwoman and this villain of the week if grabbed straight out of the Batman mythology – Duela Dent !

Can Kate and company survive the murderous debut of this villain ? Let’s discuss

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Episode 14 Discussion (spoilers)

The appearance of Duela Dent us the shiny new villain of the week and it’s fine. While they can directly translate the BBC character from the source material to the screen, they do an OK enough job.

Her take down and eventual fate works well within the scope of the show, especially when Alice intervenes. When she shows up it’s almost like she’s subtly saying, ‘ that was cute, but it’s time for me to take back the spotlight.’

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Sophie’s and Batwoman’s brief relationship is somewhat concluded, as Sophie seemingly ends it. No matter what happens, someone’s going to get hurt : and it’s most likely to be Sophie.

Kate’s sister Mary Hamilton, once again, is the charming little emotional break that we thankfully continue to receive.

The flight sequences were sparse as the show focuses on its strength which is its emotional story lines.

So while this episode is a bit more entertaining than last weeks, it’s still weaker than the ones before the mid season finale.

So what’s your opinion on the episode? Let us know in the comments down below!

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