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Raccoon Hitches a Ride on a Garbage Truck

It’s one of those cases where the Racoon is either very very smart and intended to get stuck on a moving truck. Or it’s completely terrified and has made a huge mistake. We like to think that it wanted to take a trip to the holy land of garbage and was smart enough to hitch a ride.

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The raccoon was no doubt looking for an easy meal in DC when the truck started vibrating and then moving. Or it saw it’s snacks getting taken away and decided to follow the loot. Helena Bottemiller Evich reported to the driver that he had an unknown hitchhiker which we can assume he addressed on his next stop. But it does make for a funny picture!

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Raccoons do migrate but this is a whole new level of genius. If of course that’s what our friend here intended to do. They are also known to stay in groups so it’s possible that one of them is missing a friend. Which is a bit sad. Let’s hope they found where this little guy came from and called animal services to release him back into the wild.

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