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Artist Turns Fast Food Icons Into Serious Anime Villains

Whenever you see fanart of something that you enjoy, whether it be a favorite show or a favorite brand there’s always something special about it. It kind of gives the subject new life and pulls them out of the box that you may have once had them in. For instance, you may not think that sweet Wendy would ever hurt anyone. But Sillvi on Instagram shows her in a completely new light. A sadistic and villainous new light.

Artify – Square

Here’s one of Ronald from McDonald’s. Or should I call it WcDonald’s for all you anime watchers out there.

The King has never looked so serious!

Jack looks like he’s daring you to eat one of his munchy meals. Only two tacos? Why not 20?

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The Colonel knows you’re coming and he’s got his special recipe prepared just for you.

Don’t be fooled by the sweet looking Panda. There’s an evil side that’s just waiting to come out of your chow mein.

This one’s probably my favorite. Just because I love mermaids. But you know mermaids are notoriously sirens of the deep and succumbing to one means certain death.

What do you think of Sillvi’s work? Amazing isn’t it? Click on any of the images in this article and give them a follow!

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