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7 Year Old Wins Major Pokemon Tournament

This past weekend in Melbourne, Australia was the Pokemon Oceania International Championships. Where those around the world go to compete to prove that they are the best, like no one ever was (sorry totally got carried away). The highlight without a doubt for the tournament was the Junior Championship of Pokemon Sword & Shield where a little 7 year old has captured the hearts of many, she goes by the name of Simone Lim.

Simone’s fiercest competitor was Justin Mirand-Radbord a favorite to win the entire championship. These two hard hitters went head to head. Justin was last years winner for Oceania. Having won several championships prior and seeded first it seemed like Justin was in for back to back year win.

In the finals Simone was down to her last Pokemon and it seemed like Justin was about to become champion once again. But all my years of watching various fighting game matches (Best example Justin Wong vs Yipes, seriously watch that video it’s amazing) it’s not over until it’s over. Simone had only Tyranitar on the field while Justin still had Tyranitar and Dusclops left. She needed to read him perfectly.

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And read perfectly she did! She offered a shy smile and a hearty handshake to Justin. Congrats to Simone! You have captured my heart and the rest of the internet can agree with me! You can watch her match down below.

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