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7-Eleven Now Has A Peeps Slurpee

It’s that time of year again. The time when all the Easter stuff starts magically appearing and hearts fade into the distance. And along with that come a plethora of Easter themed candies and toys. The newest thing we’ve found that we now need to try is coming from 7-Eleven. They have just introduced something that could be amazingly good, or taste like a peep.

Peeps are a tough nut to crack. You either love them or you hate them. Some prefer them fresh while others prefer them stale. And now they come in Slurpee form.

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According to the taste for this is like sour sugar. Which doesn’t really feel very peep like. Considering they usually taste like a blandish marshmallow with sugar all over the outside and maybe a hint of chocolate for the eyes, it’s a little confusing that they would choose to make it sour.

This flavor should be available at a 7-Eleven near you and if you try it please tell us in the comments what it tastes like to you. Happy hunting!

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